22-25 November 2015

ITV – Spending Review: 2.6 million families ‘will be £1,600 a year worse off’ after benefit changes (25 November 2015)
The Guardian – How Tory cuts have sliced through David Cameron’s backyard (24 November 2015)

13-21 November 2015

Oxford Mail – Families unite against plans to close Chipping Norton children’s centre (Video) (21 November 2015)
Oxford Mail – Questions unanswered at consultation meeting (20 November 2015)
Nursery World – Children’s centres should stay open for all, charity says (20 November 2015)
Oxford Mail – “We need to close children’s centres to pay for child protection services” say Oxfordshire council bosses (19 November 2015)
Oxford Mail – Now’s time to decide which side of the fence you are on (18 November 2015)
Oxford Mail – Postcode lottery over children centres provision (16 November 2015)
Oxford Mail – Protests against the children’s centres closing shows concerns (16 November 2015)
Oxford Mail – Hundreds of parents in Oxford protest against cuts to children’s centres (16 November 2015)
BBC News – Oxford ‘baby blockade’ protest against children’s centre cuts takes place (15 November 2015)
Banbury Guardian – Parents invite PM to march through Oxford to fight children’s centres closure (13 November 2015)

6-11 November 2015
The Telegraph – David Cameron complains to his local council about cuts to services
The Guardian – David Cameron ‘offered Oxfordshire council leader access to advisers’
BBC News – David Cameron row with Conservative leader of local council
The Independent – Chipping Norton at centre of war of words between David Cameron and Oxfordshire county council
The Independent – David Cameron complains about constituency cuts caused by his own policies in leaked letter
The Guardian – David Cameron hasn’t the faintest idea how deep his cuts go. This letter proves it
BBC Radio Oxford – PM ‘tells off’ council leader

27-30 October 2015
Oxford Mail –  Our prosperous and vibrant community deserves better
Oxford Mail – Plea to keep children’s centres open in our county
Oxford Mail – Parents make a point in first of council budget cut forums
Oxford Mail – Children’s centres main topic as campaigners quiz Oxfordshire County Council leader Ian Hudspeth
ITV News – David Cameron as you’ve never seen him before
Oxford Mail – Ian Hudspeth and David Cameron appear as Sylvanian Family toys in schoolgirl’s protest film

19-24 October 2015
Independent – Family services at risk as thousands of children’s centres face budget cuts
Oxford Mail –  Greens and Labour unite over centre cuts
Oxford Mail –  Closing children’s centres would remove our lifeline’ say campaigners

14-15 October 2015 
Oxford Mail – Volunteers ‘should not be left to manage children’s centres’
Oxford Mail – Concerned parents plead for rethink on Children’s Centres

29 September 2015
Oxford Mail – Plea to Prime Minister over children’s centres

21-24 September 2015 
Oxford Mail – Consultation on child centres is ‘divide and conquer’ policy
BBC News – Cameron opposes Oxfordshire children’s centre cuts plan
BBC News – David Cameron backs Oxfordshire children’s centres

15-18 September 2015
That’s Oxford TV – Cuts vs Need
Oxford Mail – If centres are axed there will be nowhere for families to go

9 July 2015
Oxford Mail – Legal Challenge: Plans to change children’s centres

30 October 2014
The Telegraph – A third of Sure Start children’s centres at risk of closure