We want to pay tribute to the incredible effort local people have put into this campaign over the past nine months.

And what an amazing 9 months it’s been – we’ve made children’s centres front page news, persuaded politicians to switch sides and won back £2million for children’s centres.

However the fight is far from over -despite the extra money the county council is still insisting that they cannot fund children’s centres and at present, when staff contracts expire in August, all our 44 children’s centres will close.

That’s why we need use our many thousands of voices to insist that they use this £2million to keep our centres open. We need to pressure the politicians who voted for the £2m for children’s centres to make sure it goes towards keeping centres open.

However we face tough opposition – councillors want to use 11 centres as nurseries so they can fulfil government promises on free childcare. Only the most vocal opposition will be listened to!

So we will be inviting people to contact their district, town and county councillors and your MP to ask them to fulfil the promises made to the electorate and to save Oxfordshire’s 44 children’s centres.

We are drafting a letter that any concerned resident can send to their local representatives to demand that the £2m is used to keep essential services running for the benefit of the 30,000 children who currently use them.

We are aiming to get 1,000s of letters sent so that councillors receive many hundreds each. We want to remind these politicians that they work for us and that we refuse to be silenced!

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