We are encouraging everyone who uses or values children’s centres to write to their local county councillor to ask them to ensure that the extra £2 million pounds in the budget, intended for children’s centres and early intervention hubs gets spent in the right way. You could put it in your own words, or use the wording below (or use this word document).

To find your county councillor, simply go to www.writetothem.com.

Dear [County Councillor Name]

Thank you for voting for £2m not be cut from the children’s centres budget on 16th February.

I am concerned about this money being taken away from children’s centres and transferred to the councils controversial new service for 0-19 year olds.

This new service was roundly rejected by 71% of consultation responders, including 68% of professional partners, i.e. social workers, health visitors, GPs, police and teachers.

To enable our children’s centres to continue their important preventative and developmental work please could you write to your Political Group Leader and the Children’s Services Portfolio Holder to request that this £2m is used for the purpose that it was intended, and ring-fenced for 5 years?

By writing you will be helping to protect and develop the thousands of children under 5 who currently use our children’s centres.

Many thanks for your time,

[Sender Name & Address]


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