Exchanges between David Cameron and Oxfordshire County Council Leader Ian Hudspeth show that the Prime Minister is out of touch with the realities of how deep his government’s cuts will scar Children’s Services in Oxfordshire. Demonstrators will be out in force in Bonn Square, Oxford on Saturday at 13.00 to show opposition to the proposed closures of children’s’ centres.

Ian Hudspeth, leader of Cameron’s flagship Conservative County Council, is at loggerheads with the Prime Minister over the issue. This is embarrassing for David Cameron as his Witney constituency in Oxfordshire is home to one of the Centres under threat. Letters, recently reported in the Independent and The Guardian, show just how detached the Prime Minister is from the impact of his Government’s cuts to Councils’ grant funding.

Save Oxfordshire Children’s Centres Campaign spokesperson Jill Huish commented:

‘Cameron can’t plead not guilty. Let’s be clear, he is not just a local constituency MP, he is the Prime Minister! He approved Osborne’s savage local council cuts which are destroying Children’s Centres in Oxfordshire. It is his Conservative County Councillors who are wielding the axe but David Cameron is the man who placed it in their hands.’

She continued:

‘As citizens, we’re at a loss if the national and local government are at war, on even the most basic “facts”. Our children and our communities deserve more than this. ’

Babies Blockading Bonn Square

Determined to enlighten Mr Cameron and his County Council chums on the impact of their savage cuts on local children’s services, the Save Oxfordshire Children’s Centres Campaign will demonstrate in Bonn Square this weekend. Ms Huish explained:

‘It’s just not good enough. That’s why we’re marching through Oxford this Saturday. They will not make us keep Mum and watch the 44 Children’s Centres in Oxfordshire be decimated.’

Parents and their children will march from Bonn square to The Clarendon Building to demonstrate against the proposed closure of Oxfordshire Children’s Centres, meeting at 1pm this Saturday 14th November. Our march will represent Oxfordshire standing up and saying a clear ‘NO TO THE CUTS’. The people of Oxfordshire want their frontline services and support for families protected. We will demand that both local and national government see sense and stop playing with our children’s futures and withdraw the closures of our Children’s Centres.

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